About Us


The Finish Girl and The Builder Guy.

Everyone loves the old tale of boy meets girl. That's pretty much our story, but, with a bit of an added twist. 

The Finish Girl - The construction industry is a tough game for anyone, it's even tougher for a woman. Let's face it, most of it is just plain bull work. As a woman, if you're going to make a name for yourself in this business you're going to have to work extra hard and show those boys what you're made of. Sugar and spice just isn't going to cut it. You have to be tough as nails, have thick skin, big shoulders and a smart-ass attitude to put up with whatever gets thrown at you.

The Finish Girl, Charity, is every bit of that and more. First off, she was practically born into the industry. Charity was mentored and trained by her father, who is a master carpenter and cabinet builder with over 40 years of experience. Charity has spent years researching and developing some of the most durable and beautiful wood finishing processes in the industry. Don't let the pretty face and modest attitude fool you, with that kind of background, it's easy to see why The Finish Girl could easily claim to be one of the best wood finishing businesses around.

The Builder Guy - For David, it all began about 25 years ago with a simple wooden base desk lamp and a high school shop class. Since then, David has spent nearly his entire professional career in the logging, lumber, building, construction, and remodeling industries. What better way to learn all about wood products than to work with them from beginning to end.

Working in the logging and lumber industry provided the opportunity to study many of the qualities unique to the different species of wood as they grow naturally. As a general contractor, David has used many of the commercially produced products to complete a wide range of projects and installations. This unique first hand knowledge of the products has allowed David to improve upon existing designs and techniques as well as create some new ones that are hard to find anywhere else.

Today, David applies his 25 plus years of knowledge and skill to make some of the highest quality wood products possible.


Twisted Willows Specialty Wood Products - Ok, we'll save you from the mushy stuff and try to make a long story short. David and Charity met on the first day of 5th grade a little over 30 years ago. However, before they graduated high school they lost touch for a while because David and his family had moved and changed schools. After graduation, they both built their lives around their families so it took them a little while to reconnect. But, when they finally did get together they formed a personal and professional partnership which has produced an exceptional team.

So today, David's skill as a craftsman and Charity's attention to detail combine to give their customers some of the most incredible products of quality and durability.



Here at Twisted Willows Specialty Wood Products we pride ourselves on the fact that no two jobs are ever exactly alike. Each project is unique and based on our customers' ideas and dreams, made to order.

We don't believe in taking short cuts or cutting corners. Just because there's a faster way doesn't mean it's better. In fact, in many of our production processes we use techniques that take a little longer to produce a better product. We've also developed many practices and techniques that you can't find in the big name brand products. Each individual plank of wood in a floor, every knot in a rustic piece of moulding, every joint in a solid wood door, or whatever product we're working on, is handled and inspected numerous times to insure we're providing the highest quality products possible. We're not satisfied with giving our customers a good product. We want to give our customers a great product. Afterall, we are talking about your dreams.


We help make dream homes a reality.