In our opinion, no dream home would be complete without some hardwood floors.

With over 200 different species of domestic and exotic lumber and dozens of different finish options, we offer so many flooring options that we literally can't possibly list them all. 

All of our flooring, unless specified by the customer, is 3/4" solid wood, precision milled and end matched so that when it comes to the install there are no surprises. 

We are extremely proud of our pre-finished flooring. We use one of the most durable lacquer based basketball court grade finishes on the market. Unlike most flooring found at the "big box stores", our flooring is sealed on all six sides of each individual piece to make your floor truly worry free and it all comes with a 20 year warranty that you can actually live on.

We are so confident in our flooring that we promise you'll be able to bust out your best Tom Cruise/Risky Business impersonation. If installed properly, you can even install our floors in your bathroom or basement with very little worry about the moisture causing the floor to buckle.

Here are just a few of the different options that we offer to customize your floor:

  • Stained or Color Tinted
  • Smooth Surface
  • Square, Beveled, or Rounded Edges
  • Random Width (2", 3", 4", and 5")
  • Uniform Strip (2", 3", 4", or 5")
  • Reclaimed
  • Rustic (Knotty)
  • Distressed
  • Wide Plank (not available in all species)
  • Inlay
  • Custom Fit



The following is our list of specialty flooring product lines.

Reclaimed Dirty Face Mixed OakReclamation

"Reclamation" is our tribute to the days of old. We hear the saying, "they sure don't make 'em like they used to", all of the time. We couldn't agree more. When our grandfathers' grandfathers built the old barns and buildings you see scattered around the countryside, they built them to last. They used big beams and solid boards which often times came from old growth virgin timber, and they understood quality. Sometimes those buildings need to be taken down, and rather than letting the wood rot or burn, we turn those old boards and beams into some of the most rustic and beautiful flooring on the market. 


It's hard to beat the beauty and durability of a good hardwood floor. Many manufacturers don't like to use the rustic grades of lumber to make flooring because it's not uniform in color, they have to slow the machines down, there's more waste, and it can be hard on the equipment. We say that's nonsense. The knots and color variations are some of the most beautiful characteristics of the wood.



Hardwood flooring has been around for centuries, which certainly makes them a timeless classic. No other furnishings in a house even hint of elegance and prestige like a great room with fine wood accents. Here is one that you can stand on. We start with some of the finest grades of lumber to create a clean and sleek look so that everyone will want to take their shoes off just to walk on it.




Everyone loves the look of a fine hardwood floor, but, sometimes you want something a little different. Our "Distinction" series of flooring takes advantage of some of the more unique characteristics of natural wood. Some if these characteristics are growth abnormalities that can be somewhat rare, which makes them prized for their uniqueness. Others take advantage of milling processes that are rarely used because it creates an increased amount of waste. No matter how you slice it, each of these products will add a level of beauty that is rarely seen outside of specialty furniture and unique décor. 


Some of the most beautiful and dense species of woods aren't native to the United States, and, let me tell you, the world is a pretty big place. We've searched everywhere looking for the most beautiful species of woods from around the world in order to put together a collection of flooring that strangely resembles a psychedelic rainbow.




The word Intarsia refers to an ancient woodworking and stonework technique that can be traced back to at least the 7th century A.D. Similar to parquetry and marquetry, this technique uses a variety of pieces of different shape, color, and size which fit together to create a mosaic-like design with an illusion of depth or three dimensional effect.  We combine a variety of different woods and stains to create stunning geometric designs to add that special touch of luxury to any room.   



There's something about a beat up old floor that makes a home feel lived in and loved. Each and every dent, scratch, and scuff can have a meaning which adds to the overall character of the floor. However, when you first install a new floor you want it to last so you tiptoe around like there's a sleeping tiger guarding the refrigerator. Not to worry, we use a variety of tools and techniques to add that aged and distressed look so you can actually live on your floor without worrying that it might get damaged every time you walk through the door. The term "Senecence" is derived from the Latin word, "senecentum" which means "To grow old", which sums up this series of flooring pretty well.

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